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Best Molecule Mattress Review

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Molecule Mattress
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Molecule launched in 2018 and quickly garnered attention with products that promote rest and recovery for those who lead active lifestyles. The company has a team of professional athlete ambassadors that attest to the performance of its products. The Molecule product line includes two mattresses, the Molecule 1 and the Molecule 2, along with mattress toppers, a bed frame, and bedding.


Molecule 1 Mattress

Molecule 1 Mattress
Molecule 1 Mattress


Experience MOLECULE Air-Engineered™ comfort and temperature regulation at an affordable price with Microban® antimicrobial treatment cover.
TWIN: 75”L X 38”W X 12.25”H, 46LBS
FULL: 75”L X 53”X 12.25”H, 60LBS
KING: 80”L X 76”W X 12.25”H, 87LBS
TWIN XL: 80”L X 38”W X 12.25”H, 48LBS
QUEEN: 80”L X 60”W X 12.25”H, 72LBS
CAL KING: 84”L X 72”W X 12.25”H, 87LBS

The foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they’re free of certain harsh metals and chemicals. While Molecule is not a natural or organic mattress, it’s a safe mattress.

In addition, the cover on each Molecule mattress is designed with advanced features that are supposed to help regulate your body’s temperature. Your body naturally warms and cools during the night, and a “temperature sensitive polymer” inside the mattress’ cover adjusts accordingly to keep you from temperature-related sleep disturbances.

CONTOURFLO foam: The bed’s 7” dense support layer forms the foundation of the mattress.

RECOVERYFLO foam: A 3-zone transition layer that’s 3” thick and manufactured with contoured patterns on the surface that differ in size. It’s softer at the head and feet for pressure relief but firmer in the middle for additional support.

RESTOREFLO foam: An open-cell memory foam layer infused with miniature gel-beads meant to help with breathability and moisture-wicking. It’s soft, pressure relieving and remembers your shape like memory foam.


Molecule 2 Mattress

Molecule 2 Mattress
Molecule 2 Mattress

Molecule 2 Mattress

The MOLECULE 2 AirTEC™ contains proprietary open-cell AirTEC™ foam that allows unmatched airflow and an extra plush quilted top with Microban® antimicrobial treatment which provides a clean and cool sleep surface.
All layers are 100% CertiPUR-US® Certified foam.
The cover is 98% Polyester, 2% Lycra
Designed and assembled in the USA.
All foam is made in the USA.

This Molecule mattress is the same 12 ¼” thickness as Molecule 1 and is made with three layers like the entry-level model.

  • COUNTERFLO foam: This layer provides support for your spine.
  • RECOVERYFLO foam: The 3” transition layer in this mattress is made with five zones, as opposed to Molecule 1’s 3-zone transition layer. It has two additional zones around the neck and the knee area that the entry-level bed doesn’t have, and every zone is meant to provide support and pressure relief where your body needs it.
  • MOLECULARFLO foam: The comfort layer in the Molecule 2 is made with “their most advanced proprietary foam” made to promote a solid airflow, and they actually claim the airflow is five times better than traditional memory foam.

The key design differences between the two models primarily revolve around the construction and materials of the transition and top comfort layers:





Experience the cooling support of our most premium mattress with the perfect combination of our exclusive AirTEC™ foam and MOLECULEedge™ coil support system.
Air-Engineered™ to optimize sleep and recovery
Microclimate regulating cover material
Foam Made in the USA Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Cover: 1″ 44% PE 54.5% Polyester 1.5% Spandex + Microban® Antimicrobial
Foam: 100% Polyurethane foam
Designed and assembled in the USA.
All foam is made in the USA.
MOLECULE mattresses are fabricated virtually emissions-free. Variable Pressure Foaming VPF™ is the most environmentally-friendly foam manufacturing process.

  • All foams used in a Molecule mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified:
    • Made without ozone depleters
    • Made without PBDE flame retardants
    • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
    • Made without formaldehyde
    • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for indoor air quality (< 0.5 parts per million)

Molecule Mattress Buying Guide

Molecule Mattress Buying Guide
Molecule Mattress Firmness And Feel

We think the Molecule 1 rates out between a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale. It feels a little softer than the Molecule 2 mattress, but firmer than the average bed-in-box. We give the Molecule 2 a medium-firm rating on our firmness scale.

Also, keep in mind that how soft or firm a bed feels is based on your weight. In other words, heavier individuals will apply more pressure to the mattress than lighter individuals, and, thus, the mattress will seem softer to them.

Now, let’s talk about how this bed feels. The Molecule 1 is ideal for people looking for a mattress with a new-age memory foam feel. In other words, the mattress has a dense, memory foam feel to it, but you don’t get the resistance that older, more traditional memory foam beds provide. This is likely due to the fact that the RESTOREFLO foam the bed uses is a type of open-cell memory foam. As we previously mentioned, This top layer is also infused with micro gel beads, which further helps differentiate it from traditional memory foam. Overall, we think it’s a super comfortable bed, especially if you tend to favor memory foam.

The Molecule 2 mattress has a more of a standard foam feel to it. This means you won’t quite feel the top layer contour to your body like the top layer on the Molecule 1. Overall, it’s still a comfortable, supportive mattress. It just depends on what type of feel you prefer.

Is Molecule A Good Mattress For Couples?

Beyond the headline items like feel and firmness, there are two elements that are especially important to couples when trying to find a new mattress. The first is edge support and the second is motion isolation, in no particular order.

Edge Support

Lucky for you, Molecule 1 and 2 have good edge support for a foam bedWe’d choose Molecule over a lot of all-foam mattresses in the edge support department. If you and your partner fight over the middle of the bed or you prefer sleeping along the edges, Molecule is a nice option. For those of you who want to know how we test edge support, check out our detailed blog post.

Motion Isolation

Most foam beds are good in this department, and each Molecule mattress is no different.

As you can see, there is some movement, but very little. Most couples should be fine on a Molecule mattress—at least from a motion isolation perspective. In fact, some of the motion that you’re seeing show up is a result of the cover stretching and our flimsy bed frame moving around.

Molecule Mattress Pricing

Let’s start with our Molecule 1 mattress review. It tends to be priced in line with the likes of LaylaLeesa and other popular bed-in-a-box brands. The price point for the Molecule 1 starts off at around $700 for a twin and goes up to about $1,100 for a king mattress.

However, you likely won’t end up paying full MSRP because Molecule runs sales and promotions often. Typically, you can expect to receive at least $150-$200 off your purchase.

On the other hand, the Molecule 2 lands near the higher-end of the online mattress industry in terms of price. The MSRP ranges from around $1,000 for a twin size to $1,600 for a king size. Again though, like with the Molecule 1, you likely won’t end up paying full price. Check the Molecule website for current promotions. Chances are you can snag a discount.

Temperature Regulation With Molecule Beds

If you were to just look at Molecule 1 and 2, you’d say, “oh, the beds use memory foam; they must sleep warm.” Well, you’d be wrong.

The two beds skew a little toward the cooler side. They’re not cooling mattresses by any means, but because the beds are on the firmer end of the spectrum and they use open-cell foams, they do a nice job of keeping you from heating up. To be clear, you won’t be cold with these mattresses, but they will not heat up the way traditional memory foam beds do. We think temperature regulation is a high point for Molecule.

The Molecule Hybrid mattress is also temperature regulating and comes with a cooling cover. We think it’s the best option of the three models if you’re somebody who sleeps warm at night.

Best Molecule Mattress Review
Best Molecule Mattress Review
$699.99 $1199.99

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