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Discount Tire


Discount Tire
Discount Tire Reviews & BuyGuide
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I purchased 4 premium tires last year for a used car that I purchased. The car ran well & I never had a problem with the performance. I purchased the recommended warranty. When one of my tires was punctured, they replaced it. They run a very efficient office. It is well organized, well lit, neat, & the entire staff is professional.
Lorna of Tucker
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I used to be Discount Tire customer for long time. In 2015 my daughter ordered a rim for her car and paid in full, meanwhile we sold the car and never collect the Rim. Time passes by and need tires were for another vehicle. I went to the same store we ordered the rim but they couldn't give me the credit for what we paid for the rim. I stop dealing with Discount tire. Few years back I wrote to customer service regarding what happened long time back, Surprisingly Regional Manager TOOK TIME to called me, first apologized then gave me a credit more than what we paid for the RIM.
Rohan of Katy
Tire replacement, fast, simple and easy! Husband ordered from work. I pull up, receive immediate service. In and out within 20 minutes. Great tires, well balanced, no issues at all! Tires are always the best price available and 1st quality!
Kim of Rock Spring
Discount Tire FAQ

Discount Tire sells a variety of tires types for all kinds of vehicles. Select from tire brands like Michelin Tires, Goodyear Tires, Pirelli Tires and Cooper Tires. Available wheel styles include painted, machined, chrome and mesh from brands like MB Wheels, Fuel Wheels, Drag Wheels and Konig Wheels. The company offers financing to those who qualify for the Discount Tire Credit Card.

Are you ‘tire’d of overly expensive car parts and wheels? Perhaps Discount Tire Direct can offer you a solid bargain. Best known for their collection of affordable auto parts, this brand ensures that customers can get the best at a lower cost.

With a sizable following of over 54k on Instagram, the brand has gained a solid online presence, as Business Wire, The Drive, CNET, Yahoo Finance, and other publications have all featured a Discount Tire Direct review.

For those curious about learning more about this company, let us take you on a trip down the road of wheels and their accessories.

This Discount Tire Direct review will take a closer look at the brand, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their car parts can go the distance.

Everybody loves a good bargain now and then. Fortunately, Discount Tire Direct offers price matching for many of their products.

If you happen to find a competitive brand that provides a lower fee, customers are encouraged to reach out to one of their sales representatives. We highly recommend visiting their FAQ page for additional details.

Congrats! You’re nearly halfway to getting a fully revamped ride. There’s just one more step to accomplish: the installation.

For those who don’t quite have the required skills in the maintenance and repair field, Discount Tire Direct provides their own service at the customer’s request.

The brand will link you to the nearest automotive shop to help finish the process for a small fee. To get a quote, users must call their designated store for more details.

This Discount Tire Direct review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on their tires and rims, but they only deliver to the 48 contiguous states.

They also provide expedited shipping at a set rate. Delivery times will vary depending on location.

For a better reference, we recommend heading over to their website to view their shipping maps. From what we’ve gathered so far, they do offer international delivery to select countries.

Lastly, customers will be given a tracking number via a confirmation email to help locate their orders.

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