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Best Mcmaster-Carr Online Products
McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 700000 products.
98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.
4 Masterlist Goes for Style Over Substance
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McMaster-Carr Reviews
McMaster-Carr Supply Company provides a wide range of products to the manufacturing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, material handling, maintenance, instrumentation, automotive, food service, storage, transportation and janitorial markets. The company offers supplies for fabricating, cutting, sawing, machining, finishing, fastening, sewage and sealing applications. It maintains an inventory of more than 435,000 products. McMaster-Carr Supply Company features pipe, tubing, hose, fittings, raw materials, springs, protective clothing, valves, pumps, coolant systems and lighting accessories. The company delivers drills, grippers, transformers, deburring tools, grinding wheels, air filters, control cables, respirators and drafting equipment. It serves customers throughout the greater areas of Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. McMaster-Carr Supply Company maintains a facility in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
While you can certainly find better prices elsewhere, you get what you pay for when it comes to service. I've been using McMaster Carr to purchase items for my business for 10 years now and they have yet to make a mistake or let me down. They have a huge selection of items and almost always next day delivery. Highly Recommended.
Great Company
John M.
I am a purchasing agent for a paper mill. Have been purchasing from McMaster for the 8 years I've been with the company, usually serveral times a week. While there are many industrial suppliers with above average offerings and service, McMaster-Carr leads the pack. Their website is laid out concise, easy to navigate, simple. There search criteria algorithms are second to none. While they don't (or rarely) have the best pricing, their ease of use, fast delivery, access to endless product items and categories and a customer service team that set the bar for excellence trumps pricing. While a key factor in my posotion is getting the best price on any product, the best price is not always the best choice. Many products on their site have competitive pricing. Any industrial supplier great or bad could take a few notes on this company
Excellence in Industrial Supply
McMaster-Carr is the best place to buy nearly anything for an industrial business. Screws, bolts, gauges, electrical components, you name it they've got it. Excellent shipping and customer services as well. Renown for its efficiency, McMaster-Carr can also be great for personal purchases so long as you know a bit about what you're looking for.
McMaster-Carr is the best place to buy nearly anything...
Masterlist Goes for Style Over Substance

In trying times, laypeople may seek answers in the thick tome associated with their religion. In trying times for us industrial designers, we also used to consult a thick tome: The yellow McMaster-Carr catalog, which undoubtedly held the answers to our manufacturing/prototyping problems. Within its dog-eared pages was seemingly every single mechanical part, fastener, tool and material known to man, all just a phone call away from being in your mailbox tomorrow.

Today the McMaster-Carr catalog is of course online, featuring hundreds of thousands of items. In attempting to explain to a layperson what McMaster is, I alternately described it as “Canal Street in the ’90s,” “The world’s largest hardware store that always has what you need” and “Amazon for the things you don’t typically find on Amazon.” Initially aimed at folks working in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) fields, the company, which has been around since 1901, has also become the go-to for makers of all stripes. Centrally located in Illinois, McMaster-Carr also has distribution centers in New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio and California, resulting in next-day arrival practically no matter where you are in the U.S.

So I was tickled to see an apparently unaffiliated website called Masterlist is sort of repackaging the McMaster catalog with an emphasis on fashion over utility. What these folks have done is gone over the catalog, pulled some of the most photogenic items and photographed them in a studio setting, presenting them to you in object-fetish style. Items from four categories of Masterlist’s choosing—Tools, Accessories, Furnishings and Apparel—are “thoughtfully curated from the McMaster-Carr catalog,” the site writes.

McMaster is about utility, not fashion. It’s where you find neoprene washers, leveling mounts or nylon-insert hex locknuts in the precise size you need, the sizes the big-box stores don’t bother stocking. When I’m making new dog leashes and collars everything from the webbing to the plastic buckles to the snaphooks and the D-rings come from McMaster. If you know what your part is called, what the dimensions are, what it’s made out of and are occasionally willing to buy 10 to 100 of them, you’re all set.

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